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Become a 2SP Athlete!

2SP is a comprehensive, 15,000 square-foot sports performance and training center centrally located in Madison Heights, MI.  The facility features multiple batting and activity spaces, a complete weight and resistance training area, a new fitness studio, speed track with motion-activated digital timing, wrestling mats, and more all of which are available for rent at extremely competitive prices.

Our skilled coaching staff trains athletes ranging from professional to amateur and are capable of designing performance development programs for individuals, teams or small groups. 2SP also hosts specialized sports camps and showcases that attract coaches and recruiters from many of the top collegiate institutions in Michigan including the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Oakland University, Wayne State University, Eastern Michigan University and more.

Olympic Gold Medalists, Stanley Cup Winners, First Overall Draft Picks and more than 250 collegiate athletes have trained at 2SP. Commit to results! Become a 2SP ATHLETE.


The 2014 2SP Strictly Catching Camp Brochure and Registration Form

*** .PDF Download Links Below ***








The Benefits of Semi-Private Training

Over the course of nearly 7 years of 2SP’s existence, we’ve learned quite a few things. We’ve discovered that whether the goal was to increase athletic capability, weight loss or total body fitness nothing has compared to our personal training.  Along the way, we also learned the most significant reason some people are not able to take advantage of personal training is that it can be cost-prohibitive.

With this, we sought to find the most effective solution to this challenge and we’ve found it in Semi-Private Training. This program allows us to provide all of our clients the same custom training program we design for our 1-on-1 clients, designated coaching sessions, and 30 days of access to the 2SP gym.

Here’s how the program works:

At the time a new member signs up for the program, they will select the number of sessions they would like to work with a trainer each week. After a thorough assessment of the client, one of the 2SP trainers will  then design a customized program that meets the member’s specific goals and objectives. Once they begin their training program, the member-client will arrange sessions to workout with a trainer and up to 3 additional members. On days when the client is not working directly with a coach, they will be able to train at 2SP under their own direction.

The program is billed a set rate to the client each month and can run as little as $30.00* per coached session. If you figure in the every day opportunity to train at 2SP, the value is even greater. As a member of the 2SP Semi-Private Training Program, you’ll also have the opportunity to attend nutrition education-oriented and other fitness related seminars to help you reach your goals.

For complete details and pricing of the 2SP Semi-Private Training Program; CLICK HERE: Semi-Private Training Flyer


* Price applicable to specified packages.


2013 2SP Baseball Showcase and Clinic





This event is open to any and all.




Elite Prospect Zack Mcguire Commits to Michigan State Baseball

By: C. Michael Malesky, 2SP Director of Athletic Development

The 2SP Coaches and Staff would like to congratulate Team 2SP Athlete Zack Mcguire on accepting a scholarship opportunity to play baseball at Michigan State University. Zack has worked with 2SP Head Strength Coach Joe Neal since he was 12 years old and when he thinks back on that time believes, “it was the biggest year of my development as a player”. The two have continued to work together since then and share a mutual respect that goes beyond your usual coach/player relationship.  Coach Neal says, when he heard of Zack’s commitment to play at Michigan State, “It was one of my proudest moments”.

While some athletes are gifted with exceptional ability, both Zack and Coach Neal are aware of all the hard work and commitment it took to arrive at this point. When asked what separates Zack from so many other ballplayers trying to realize a similar opportunity, Joe Neal mentioned “Zack is definitely one of the most focused athletes I’ve ever met. He knows what his goals are and works hard to reach them.” What Zack has been blessed with though is character that resonates even in a simple conversation with him. He’s quick to share the success of his Stevenson teammates as well as his respect for his current and future coaches including MSU Head Coach Jake Boss. Even though it would be easy to rest on his previous success for a season, Zack is driven to continue to improve until he arrives on the Michigan State campus in the Fall of 2014 when he hopes to compete for a starting job even as a freshman.

When he returns to the 2SP Elite Baseball Prospects Program this fall with many of his Stevenson teammates, Zack already knows what he needs to work on, speed, total strength and aspects of his defensive game. When they engage in the 2014 high school season his hope is that they will be able to take care of some unfinished business in winning a state championship. This is Zack’s ultimate goal because of the camaraderie and appreciation he shares with this close-knit group of student-athletes. If Zack comes anywhere near to duplicating the offensive numbers of his 2013 season, he’ll likely lead the Stevenson team to this goal. Interestingly enough though, with a subtle confidence Zack believes he can and will do even better in 2014. If he does, it won’t be hard to think that he can accomplish any goals he sets for himself. He’s a great balance of capability and character and certainly the type of guy you want to root for.


The 2SP Elite Prospects program is now taking registrations for returning athletes. If you are not a returning Elite Prospect Program participant and would like additional information on the program please call: (248) 397-8945.


Increasing Athleticism with the Glute/Ham Raise

Professional Boxer and 2SP Athlete Tony Harrison
Pro Boxer and 2SP Athlete Tony Harrison

At 2SP, our strength coaches place a strong emphasis on posterior chain development. For those that don’t know, the posterior chain is the group of muscles that start at the top of the calf and go all the way up the backside of the body through the middle of the back (i.e. hamstrings, glutes, and spinal erectors). The optimization of this grouping of muscle is ultra-critical in the development of speed and overall athleticism of our athletes. Very few who work with our strength coaches will escape their share of time on any or all of our reverse hyper-extension, 45-degree back extension, prowlers, or Glute/Hamstring Raise (GHR) devises. With 2 new GHR’s on the way to the 2SP training floor, I thought  I’d take a moment to explain some of most significant reasons why our coaches choose this tool in many of their training protocols.

  1. During an exercise, a GHR requires an athlete to use their knees and hip extensors to control their movement during a repetition. Altogether, this multi-functional aspect of the device is a extremely useful device for developing muscle coordination and strength. Ultimately, this generally translates to an increase in  overall athleticism.
  1. Although 2SP coaches typically do not specifically focus on “Core” development, the complexity of movement and control required to perform exercises with a GHR do, in fact, strengthen the core.
  1. A GHR is a great foundational device to develop structural balance and prepare an athlete for load-bearing and muscle isolation exercises.

GHR’s are tremendously effective devices for athletes, but are rarely ever seen in a standard gym or fitness center. This is because the sorts of institutions tend to cater more to fitness and bodybuilder types rather than competitive athletes. Additionally, without the proper instruction and coaching, a GHR can be dangerous for someone who doesn’t understand their individual limitations. The 2SP coaches will always qualify an athlete’s capabilities before the GHR is included into their training. Once an athlete is ready, their programs will be designed and monitored to achieve reasonable and safe goals.

Of course, with the GHR and any of the other devices we use at 2SP to build our athletes, as the athlete is able to demonstrate greater levels of mastery, our strength coaches can employ a variety of exercise enhancements and nuances to continue to challenge an athlete and improve the scope of their athletic capabilities. As they progress further, we can then graduate them to even more sophisticated machines such as the reverse hyperextension and greater load bearing exercises. The vast majority of people we see at 2SP understand the relevance of speed and strength at almost any level of competition. Although simple, the GHR is a great tool for this purpose.




2013 Summer Hitting Program Enrollment is Underway


Enrollment for the 2013 2SP Summer Hitting Program is underway and limited space is still available. The program is designed to provide both individualized swing coaching and strength and conditioning for amateur athletes throughout the course of the summer.

For additional program details and pricing, call (248) 397-8945


2SP’s “Sand Pit” nears completion and is looking for a name

Joe Neal, Shon Powell and Josiah Thomas (Background)

Even before work is complete on the project, 2SP Head Strength Coach Joe Neal had athletes Shon Powell and Josiah Thomas leaping hurdles in “The Sand Pit”. This new tool will be just one other element of many that sets 2SP Elite Athletic Development apart from all other facilities in the metro-Detroit area. The 40-yard pit creates a challenge for the athlete in maintaining stability and explosiveness during dynamic exercise. In effect, it better simulates a genuine athletic experience than certain exercises performed in a more controlled way. Look for “The Sand Pit” to get an official name and to be completed very soon.

Send us your name suggestions for “The Sand Pit” via Twitter at: (@2SPAthletic)


ESPN Friday Night Fights – 2SP Athlete Tony Harrision

May 13, 2013                                                           Story By: C. Michael Malesky

It’s an energy filled night in Detroit. The Red Wings are grinding out a playoff game at the Joe. The Tigers are matched against a divisional opponent at Comerica, but a little further north at the Masonic Temple is where the greatest concentration of energy is.The reason is ESPN’s Friday Night Fights has come to town to shine a spotlight on Detroit’s host of talented boxers

In this group of rising stars is one 2SP athlete you are certain to hear more about not only in the local boxing circles, but on the national level also. His name is Tony Harrison and in a night full of bright lights and energy, Tony certainly brought the most wattage. He’s a star in the making and that’s noticeable to everyone who has a chance to spend any kind of time with him whatsoever, let alone watch him fight. He’s speed, quickness, outspoken and theatrical. Yet, at the same time, he’s respectful and appreciative. Before the fight, Tony and Manager Pete Alle insisted 2SP Head Strength Coach Joe Neal join him in the ring as Tony was being introduced. After the fight as the documentary camera following Tony’s journey to greatness was capturing shots of the post-fight buzz, Tony pulled Joe into the shot to tout all of the great things Coach Neal and 2SP are doing for him along the way.

Physically, Tony Harrison looks like a well-built machine. In the ring, he operates like one. What was expected by some to be a fight that would last the distance, turned out to be quite the opposite. Somewhere outside of the first minute of the fight Tony had Ruben Galvan on the mat. Although Galvan would get back up, it wouldn’t be for long. Tony’s reach, quickness, and power simply too much and he was soon down again. After this second knockdown, referee Ansel Stewart called the fight giving Tony the only first-round knockout of the energy-fueled evening.

From Left to Right: Tony’s Father, Tony Harrison, Pete Alle

On one of the largest stages he has stepped on yet, Tony Harrison severely over-matched his competition. His upside has always been clear to everyone including his former manager and mentor Emmanuel Steward prior to his passing. But now, without the help of a boxing legend, Tony and those in his camp are working even harder. In fact, Tony believes his work ethic needs to be 10-times that of his opponents to make sure that he remains successful. This is why after almost no training outside the ring throughout his career Tony Harrison is regularly in the weight room.

It’s now the Monday after what was supposed to be a challenge of endurance for the young energetic boxer; but it wasn’t. Tony’s skills overwhelmingly and rapidly dominated his opponent. So today Tony is back at 2SP where the lights are not as bright, there are no TV cameras or spectators watching him. Today, in the weight room of 2SP, Tony say’s “I’m ready to put myself to the test”. He knows that coach Joe Neal will give him what he needs to be better. He knows he’ll get what his opponent 3 days prior could not give him, a formidable challenge.



Joe Neal Visits Franklin Road Christian School for Vertimax Seminar


Thanks to everyone who attended the Vertimax Instructional Seminar presented by 2SP head Strength Coach Joe Neal at Franklin Road Christian School. In attendance were Athletic Director Glynn Blackwell, athletes, parents and coaches to learn about the highly technical devise from Coach Neal who has, over the course of 5 years, designed a variety of successful training protocols for athletes of all skill levels on the Vertimax. Combined with strength training, speed training, and/or sport-specific fundamental development, the Vertimax can be a great tool for increasing an athletes overall athleticism.

Dominique Williams, a basketball fundamentals coach for many professional and amateur basketball players served as Coach Neal’s training subject and was impressed with how challenging the Vertimax can be even for well-conditioned athletes. Throughout the demonstration, Coach Neal placed a strong emphasis on technique for proper execution of the exercises as this will not only make the exercises more effective, but it is also crucial for avoiding injury during training.

Few training facilities in Southeastern Michigan are equipped with the Vertimax. Fewer yet have skilled instructors with a book of training strategies and protocols as Coach Joe Neal. If you’re school or training facility is not as fortunate as Franklin road Christian School and you’d like to experience training on a vertimax. You can do so by calling 2SP Elite Athletic Development and scheduling a session.