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 2SP Fitness Class Descriptions

Early AM HIIT: (High-intensity Intermittent Training)

This Course will offer a structured plan to fulfill any training goals, performance gains, and even New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. Each Class has a different daily focus throughout the week to provide structure to this class.
  2. This metabolic workout will keep patrons on their feet for the duration of each class
  3. Aspects of Tennis-Related movements and footwork drills will be incorporated!


Upper Body Power Hour:

This Course will offer a challenging curriculum of mainly upper body strength, corrective, and mobility exercises is sure to help you increase your upper body power and encourage efficient movement.

  1. This weekly class is sure to provide injury-prevention and power movements alike
  2. Great chance to sneak-in extra upper body reps!



This Course is designed specifically for the Bloomfield Tennis community and is comprehensively written in collaboration with Tennis Pro Bryan Vosburgh. This structured program has foundations in Sports Performance training with influence from a Tennis Professional.

  1. This daily class has a daily warm-up tailored to Tennis athletes as well as a daily focus to develop all-around skills
  2. This class is tailored to developing footwork and total body strength for all ability levels


Leg Domination:

This Course will offer a strict regimen of lower body exercises sure to encourage muscular strength, flexibility, and pelvic strength

  1. This weekly class will focus on increasing lower body strength and stretching to increase mobility and agility
  2. Great opportunity to focus on lower body and burn extra calories!


Dumbbells Galore:

This course will offer a Total Body strength component sure to change up anyone’s routine. Dumbbells will be a staple throughout the class to ensure muscular strength, joint stability, and increased power output.

  1. This weekly class will challenge patrons and add a strength component needed to maintain strength and coordination
  2. Great class to use as an introduction to weight training! 

Lunch Crunch:

This course is structured to offer a full-body and all-inclusive plan for individuals looking for guidance in program design.

  1. Each daily focus feeds from the previous to culminate into a great total body workout
  2. This class occurs 3 days per week to develop fit and confident patrons


Butts and Guts:

This course offers a full class of Pelvic stability and core work! The importance of hip stability can help correct issues at all surrounding joints (knees, shoulders, and even elbows) while strengthening core muscles to alleviate low back strain!

  1. This weekly class will help redirect stress and loads to stable and supporting joints
  2. Increasing core strength can assist in not only posture and daily living but performance!


Total Body Tabata:

This course offers a Tabata-based platform which features exercises that last for set intervals and rest periods. Bouts last for four minutes at a time and are sure to comprehensively challenge patrons for the entirety of the class.

  1. This weekly class focuses on core and pelvic stability to control the ongoing movement for each bout of exercise
  2. This interval-based training method is a great metabolic workout


Strength Conditioning:

This course offers an introduction to strength and conditioning. This biweekly class offers a comprehensive program which has a different daily focus to develop an all-around athlete.

  1. Tuesdays are comprised of work to stimulate strength to the “front-side” of the body
  2. Thursdays are comprised of work to stimulate strength to the “back side” of the body
  3. This program design is great for total body strength development


Body Weight Mix Up & Metabolic Power Hour

These courses offer a full hour of body weight and metabolic exercises designed specifically for those interested in weight loss. Intervals of high intensity training and short rest periods is sure to burn a great number of calories.